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Vegan Beauty Awards Terms and Conditions


  • Applicants are responsible for providing correct product and brand names, and most importantly a valid primary email address where all Vegan Beauty Award related instructions can be sent

Conditions & requirements for entry

  • To be eligible your product or service must be safe and comply with UK cosmetic product safety regulations, or equivalent standards

  • We do not accept prototypes or unreleashed items and are unable to evaluate very large items, or items that require payment

  • Entrants must have a valid point of purchase and website

  • The Vegan Beauty Awards reserve the right to accept or reject applications

  • There is no entry fee to apply for a Vegan Beauty Award

  • Brands may enter as many products in as many categories as they wish with each new application form


  • Your samples must be either production products on retail sale or identical pre-production samples in mock-up packaging

  • The evaluation team will use products according to the instructions printed on the packaging of those products, or according to the instructions they receive via entry

  • All products are removed from their original packaging prior to judging, ensuring fair testing

  • It is the responsibility of the entrant to ensure the safe delivery of all products 

  • Please state clearly if your product must be refrigerated, if it is outside of its use by date it will be disqualified

  • Applicants are responsible for the postage costs associated with their entries, Vegan Beauty Awards will seek reimbursement from applicants for shipping costs where necessary

  • No items will be returned to applicants


  • Outcomes will be sent as an email alert from and will either be a win or unsuccessful result

  • Winners are under no obligation to select a winning package

  • Cost of winning packages is per product in each category entered unless previously agreed with CEO, Louise Jane

  • Any brand/product for which the package fee has not been received by the end of the invoice agreement will forfeit its win and in result are no longer authorised to use the Vegan Beauty Awards seal in any capacity

  • Vegan Beauty Awards reserves the right to talk about winners and share evaluators comments on our social media platforms

  • Evaluator feedback is the property of the Vegan Beauty Awards and there is no obligation to share it with applicants

  • Evaluator identities will be kept anonymous


  • Winners must have purchased at a minimum the seal package for the Global Rights to use the Vegan Beauty Award seal on product packaging, websites, social media and for any other marketing and promotional purposes. *Digital seals will be sent via email, the licence is good for the life of your item, there are no renewal fees

  • You can change the size of the seal to suit your needs, but do not alter the colour or font of the seal

  • If the product ingredients/formulation changes the seal MUST be removed

  • Use of the seal on a product that has not won an award is forbidden


  • The decision of the Evaluation Team, Head Evaluator and the CEO is final and the Vegan Beauty Award will not enter into any correspondence about decisions made

  • By submitting an application, you agree to abide by these terms and conditions

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